CTC Dog Gear





CTC dog exercise gear comprise custom-made, quality products. All CTC products are based on sturdy, rigorously trail-tested designs - tested by our personal Siberian Huskies over the last 22 years.


No more sore shoulders and wrists from dogs pulling while using a normal lead! The CTC Dog Gear System is a hands-free system, using your entire body as resistance and makes exercising your dog a pleasure.   Whether you bike, run, walk, hike - the CTC Dog Gear System is the one system that makes it easy and keeps your dog safely on-lead.



All orders have a minimum lead time of 15 working days (3 weeks).

This lead time will change to 6-8 weeks in Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb - being our busiest time of year- as we juggle our dog gear business and training sled dogs..

All orders will be shipped as soon as the order is ready.  A tracking number will be emailed on the day your order is shipped.