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CTC Dog Gear House First Aid Kit

CTC Dog Gear House First Aid Kit


Comprehensive First Aid Kit for the house -  Complete in its own plastic box with handle.

* Commercial muzzle or length of fabric to make one.
* Bandaging materials:
- sterile gauze pads - various sizes
- rolls of stretchable gauze
- Elastic bandage
- Plastic wrap to seal wounds
- bandage tape
- blunt scissors to bandaging (also to trim fur away from wounds)
* Duct tape (to immobilize your dog on firm surface)
* Bubble wrap (for splinting)
* Needle-nose pliers (to remove foreign objects)
* Large needleless syringe (to give liquid medicine)
* Rectal thermometer
* Silver thermal blanket
* Antiseptic liquid soap
* Cotton swabs
* Petroleum Jelly
* Sterile saline contact lens solution (to flush wounds)
* Honey (for shock)
* Antibiotic ointment for wounds
* Antihistamine
* Anti-diarrheal
* Styptic powder for minor bleeding

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