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CTC Dog Gear Hip Belt

CTC Dog Gear Hip Belt


CTC Padded, Fully adjustable Hip Belt with reflective strips in a specifically designed width for supreme comfort for the wearer
Stainless steel swivel

Stainless steel o-rings
Stainless steel locking carabiners 
Black 16 strand polyethelene nylon rope

S - 30"-34"
M - 35”-44”

L - 38" - 47"
XL - 41”-50"
CUSTOM SIZES: When ordering custom size hip belts - please click on the "Add a Message to Seller" option in checkout, and provide the custom measurements.

  • Specifically designed to be worn on hips - far more comfortable and kinder to your back.   Clients also have more control over their dog/s as you are using your core strength - not your hands, wrists and shoulders to control the dog on a walk/hike/bikejor/skijor. 

    Our copywritten design and all its elements mean that with the natural downward pressure of the side rope system, which attach to our bungee lead and by extension to a dogs shoulder harness  - the CTC Dog Gear Hip Belt will stay on the hips and make exercising your dog/s a pleasure instead of a chore.  


    A solid, quality product - made to last.

    • 500 Denier Cordura features full quality padding in a very specific width that has been trail tested for over 10 years and has proven to be the MOST comfortable for our clients (thinner belts become uncomfortable when worn for long periods of time (like a day hike). 
      NOTE:  Thinner and by their design - less sturdy belts also cannot have multiple accessories attached (folding water bowl, accessory bag for poop bags, treats, cell phone, car keys, etc, Quick Heel.


    • A fully adjustable belt (adjustment on both sides of the main buckle) that has a uniquely CTC Dog Gear design feature of velcro of the end of each webbing section - to stop sliding once adjusted.


    • CTC Dog Gear original design of hollow core nylon rope lines (in place of webbing straps).


    • A stainless steel locking carabiner on each side attaching to the o-ring.  This design makes taking off the belt easy.  This design feature also eliminates the rope rubbing/wearing on metal o-rings while in use.


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