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Shoulder Harness - Stock Sizes

Shoulder Harness - Stock Sizes


CTC Ripstop (WATERPROOF padding) Shoulder Harness - for use when bikejoring, canicrossing, hiking, walking, swimming...  very definitely a multi-purpose piece of dog gear!


Prices start at $65


The CTC Dog Gear Shoulder Harness is also used very successfully in the disciplines of team sledding (in a gangline setup), agility, flyball and tracking.


NOTE:  When ordering a CUSTOM BUILD - please use the CUSTOM ONLY option on ordering page.

  • Made with 3500Lb strength nylon webbing, padded with 300 weight fleece, covered with a waterproof nylon RIPSTOP fabric. 
    Reflective tape located on neck and sides of harness. Harness stops halfway down the dog's back.  
    Girth strap has adjustable straps with clip closures on both sides.  
    Specifically designed for the higher angle of attachment needed when bikejoring, canicrossing, hiking and walking.

    This harness is also very successfully used in the disciplines of team sledding, agility, flyball and tracking.  An extremely versatile harness design.

    XXS - 14-19Lb  (Jack Russell)
    XS -  20-42Lb (Border Collie)
    S -  30-40Lb
    M -  40-50Lb
    L -  50-60Lb
    Xl - 60-70Lb
    Custom sizes available

    CTC Harness Sizing:
    X-Small:  Neck 18" / BreastBone 10.75" / MidRib(Girth) 29"
    Small:  Neck 20" / BreastBone 10.75" / MidRib(Girth) 31.5"
    Medium: Neck 21" / BreastBone 10.75" / MidRib(Girth) 32"
    Large: Neck 22" / BreastBone 11.25" / MidRib(Girth) 32.5"
    XL : Neck 23" / BreastBone 11.75" / MidRib (Girth) 33"                               XXL : Neck 24" / Breastbone 12" / MidRib (Girth) 34"

  • If you dog uses his/her harness on a daily basis - then wash the harness once a month (or sooner if it gets really dirty) on a gentle washer cycle (like you would use for delicates).

    Do NOT EVER put the harness in the dryer.   

    Air dry ONLY.

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