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Introducing CTC Dog Gear Ambassadors-in-Training 2 of 2

Kennel Name: Lumina Tribe, located in Georgia

Ambassador-in-Training: Kovaa (Sibersong’s Tailor Made at Lumina TKN)

Breed: Siberian Husky

Honored Owner: Anna Marmann

About Kovaa:

Kovaa is a young pup who comes from the Sibersong Sleddogs racing kennel in New

Hampshire. He luckily already has adventure bred into him and has already shown he’s going to be a perfect fit in our

home. He is already getting his feet wet with traveling, training, and attending AKC events. He is incredibly sweet, intelligent, and absolutely is obsessed with his new big sister, Lumi. In his opinion, there should not be a single second of the day which they are not play wrestling. He is learning so much foundation work for different future activities for once he has grown a bit more. We have such big plans for this little guy!

Kovaa has it pretty easy since his big sister Lumi has already done the leg work to pick out amazing gear! Luckily he looks great in the same colors as she does, but he does get to pick out his own gear and not have everything be a hand-me-down!

The shoulder D-rings have been a blessing to utilize in short and slow training sessions with Lumi as his teammate, especially with the difference in size, strength, and attention span!

This is definitely my favorite harness and gear for a growing puppy!

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