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Introducing CTC Dog Gear Ambassadors : 10 of 14

Dogs: Luna, Bond, Cherry and sometimes Penny Humans: Matt & Hannah

Ambassador Level : Explorer

We are Matt, Hannah, Luna, Bond, Cherry and sometimes our little hound adventurer Penny. After adopting Penny, we realized quickly that she did not enjoy random encounters while out on the trails hiking and biking and would prefer a life of luxury on the couch with her family. Since a small child I have always been fascinated with Siberian Huskies and was drawn to the primal nature of working in harmony with your dog through dog powered sports. We were lucky enough to be able to welcome Luna into our lives to be able to pursue this passion for spending time outdoors working with a K9 companion and have since expanded our pack to three huskies in addition to our little hound.

We enjoy hiking, snowshoeing, bikejoring, and skijoring as a small pack of humans and dogs. When conditions allow, we also get on the runners of a sled as a three-dog team.

After being able to cross train with our CTC gear throughout the fall and early winter, I would say we keep up with larger teams just fine : )

Since purchasing our first CTC harness five years ago, we have outfitted ourselves with CTC hip-belts and a plethora of colors of bungie leads to accompany each dog and their matching CT harness.

We have even converted a CTC puppy harness into Penny’s adventure harness, which has given us the ability to take our timid little hound dog to local hiking and swimming spots so that she may also enjoy the bond of working with her humans out in nature. While Penny may not get out in front of the bike, skis or sled, at this point she can Gee and Haw with the best of them thanks to the CTC hip belt and bungie system.

Working out of a semi-converted van most of the year lends itself to

being tough your gear. Our CTC harnesses, hip-belts and bungies have stood up to many seasons of near daily (ab)use from our small team as we use the same gear for all of our outdoor activities.

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