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Introducing CTC Dog Gear Ambassadors - 8 of 14

Cameron and Maggie started wearing CTC Dog Gear harnesses in the Fall of 2015.

We were hooked after our first long walk!

We now have 8 CTC harnesses, and two on order.

We are impressed with the strength, durability, and ease of wearing.

After losing Cameron, Ragnar joined the family and has not only helped our hearts to heal, but has helped us up our walking game!

Maggie and Ragnar are putting in 4-6.5 miles every day in a quick walk/hike and sometimes a jog.

We go in all weather - the CTC Dog Gear Harnesses dry quickly and don’t rub! Our routes take us from city streets, to neighborhoods, and into our many parks. Mags and Ragnar and their harnesses are a hit everywhere we go!

Mike and Karen Kryschtal

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