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Introducing CTC Dog Gear Ambassadors : 9 of 14

Dogs: Lakodah, Kiyah, Lukah, Loki, Akirah, Layah

Human: Terra

Ambassador Level : Explorer

We absolutely LOVE our CTC harnesses. I have been using them for years!

Each dog has their own harness, some dogs have multiple harnesses, and I have the XS harnesses from when the dogs were puppies. I just can’t get rid of them!

We use our CTC Shoulder Harnesses, Hip Belts and bungee lines all the time! We use them for pack walks, runs, hiking, errands, and car rides. I am very much interested in teaching this group how to pull a sled but I suppose I have to teach myself first!

This brand has become my #1 recommended to other dog parents simply because of the quality and details of the product that set it apart. For example, I find it extremely difficult to find a quality harness with D-rings on the shoulders (CTC Dog Gear Owner/Gear Designer: This is because this design element of where the shoulder D-rings are located in the harness design, as well as being the original harness design worldwide to feature this design element - is uniquely CTC).

With a pack of 6 dogs, those D-rings are important for keeping dogs from becoming tangled and keeps them working together.

Also, the stitched reflectors and the quick release connectors are also some of my favorite product details.

The overall durability of the CTC products is unbeatable.

Through the hikes, mud, lakes, pools, ponds, and washing machines - these products remain in great condition.

I will be a forever customer of CTC Dog Gear! 🐾❤️

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