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Driven to succeed? Got a little extra time?

We are looking for representatives for our brand - who will be working on a commission basis for bulk orders (bulk order is an order with 10+ units of any single CTC Dog Gear USA product - dog gear/gift range, ie. 10 x Shoulder Harnesses) obtained from your local pet/vet/adventure shops who might be interested in stocking our brand of dog gear/gift range and all that needs to be done is introduce them to our brand of dog gear.

We are looking for people who believe in our gear, to help us grow our small company - so need people who are passionate about their dogs, passionate about exercising their dogs as part of their active lifestyle, passionate about the belief that a dog is a family member and passionate about the belief that using our gear means that the dog has the best quality, best comfort and best design - and the knowledge that your dog/s are safe while doing the ONE thing he/she loves doing best - spending time with their human.

So, if you have a little extra time on your hands and are driven to succeed - we look forward to building the BEST team together!

Email us : to talk about this opportunity in more detail - with the subject line: CTC Dog Gear Rep.

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