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Introducing CTC Dog Gear Ambassadors-in-Training : 1 of 2

We have two very special Ambassadors-in-Training. The first is Master Milo...Welcome to the CTC Dog Gear family Master Milo...!

Dog: Milo

Human: Tracy Haskell

Breed: Labrador Ambassador Level: Ambassador-in-Training

Milo, my sweet yellow Labrador Retriever puppy, and I woke this morning

in the wee dark hours. We are used to emerging from our cozy beds to

greet the day and listen for the stirrings of any of our wild neighbors. We

sit, side by side, on the back deck as, slowly, bird by bird the day begins.

Tomorrow Milo will be four months old and I realize that his CTC

Shoulder Harness just might fit him now, and it does!

Admiring it on his wee body we set off for our morning adventure. Being a young puppy

these adventures tend to be short, unstructured time; more of a sniff-n-stroll.

This morning I wondered if he might pick up the wild scents of those

that had been active during the night.... and hoping he did not pick up on

anything they may have left behind! He is a Labrador after all!

Did Milo cross the paths of the coyotes that sang to us last night? Was the

Great Horned Owl watching this small pup make his way through the

Meadow? And the hawk that soared above us... what did he think of the

two beings strolling along underneath his wings? And where are the White

Tail Deer now, those whose beds we just passed?

I shall never know. I suspect Milo could answer some of those questions...

as he sniffed deeply, tasted the vegetation and once in awhile alerted to that

which I could neither see nor hear. Running, playing, strolling together,

and returning home after another puppy adventure.

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