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Introducing CTC Dog Gear Ambassadors - 7 of 14

Kennel Name: Lumina Tribe, located in Georgia

Ultra Ambassador: Lumi (Lumi Adventure Tribe CA DCAT RATN CGC TKI DN CCF1)

Breed: Siberian Husky

Honored Owner: Anna Marmann

About Lumi:

Our kennel name includes Lumi’s name because she is the one who has developed this new adventure culture which we live by in our house. She has developed me as a handler and helped me set new goals for just plain living an amazing life. She’s my absolute best friend in the world and has changed me so much for the better. I now work to live instead of live to work and have developed such a passion for living for adventures. Every dog moving forward which we own will include our kennel name which includes her name to honor the path of an adventurous way of life which she has paved. A piece of her will be in every dog we have in our Tribe.

Some of our adventures include hiking, stand up paddle board, tubing, swimming, canicross, bikejoring, other forms of dry land mushing, working pack dog hikes, canine biathlons, 5K-50K races, and traveling. We also love performance sports such as fast cat, coursing, barn hunt, dock diving, trick training, rally, and also adding new activites to learn. Lumi loves having so many friends to go on adventures and activities with, especially her Georgia Urban Mushing crew. She also loves to dress up in costumes and spend time with human kids. Lumi has recently proven to be an excellent big sister to her new adventure-in-training baby brother, Kovaa. She is showing him the ropes and explaining how we never sit still in this household!

Winter is our favorite time of the year, but we also very much enjoy the change up of activities for spring and summer. Our CTC Gear has proven to be our absolute favorite all-purpose gear which we own for all the different seasons. I love the padding and feeling confident my dog is not receiving harsh pressure points when she leans into the gear (we love to pull!). I also do not have to worry about the harnesses tearing or rubbing bad on her fur. Probably my absolute favorite part about the harnesses is how nicely they pop in color and we run our harnesses through everything you can think of during weekly adventures. I have washed these harnesses over and over every week and they still just POP in color like they are brand new. I cannot figure out the science behind that!!

These lines are also my most favorite lines I’ve used. The bungees have kept their shape amazingly. But my favorite trait about this lines is when we are trekking through creeks, streams, mud, rivers, lakes, etc, they NEVER feel wet or gross when I go to grab the line. I can go straight from crawling through the dirt and water on an adventure to hanging out at a restaurant in the same gear. Also, the lines come in such popping colors and I also love how matchy-matchy we can get with our gear and it never look boring.

We are very passionate about this gear and love to share our experiences with it to our friends and anyone who is interested to learn!

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