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Introducing CTC Dog Gear Ambassadors - 6 of 14

Kennel Name: Seqinek Siberians

Who I am: Susan Giles *Chief Cook and bottle washer, Dog Wrangler, Dog Walker, Dog Feeder

Who they are:

- CH (Alt)CH AOM Sherakan's Midnight Kiss (Kunik) CGN,CD,SD,RE,CA,(AM)CD, NS (Siberian)

- TouchMeNot's Waay Too Sassy (Sassy) CGN, RN, CD, (AM)RN (Siberian)

- Sherakan's Aurora Borealis (Aurora) CGN, SD (Siberian)

- Seqinek's Quink As Kwick Can B (Kwick) SD,(AM)RN (Siberian)

What we do:

Here at Seqinek Siberians there's never a dull moment and our goal is to stay busy all year round.

In the summer we do Rally, Obedience, Conformation, Fly Ball (yes you read that correctly).

Chase and Kwick are starting to dabble in agility.

But our favourite time of year is when the leaves are starting to turn and the air gets cold....TRAINING SEASON.

Getting up at the crack of dawn and seeing the frost on the ground means one thing...the harnesses are coming out.

These guys love to run and during the Fall and Winter is when they shine.

I purchased my first CTC harness for my older boy, Rocket, as the regular x-back harness put stress on his older hips. In the CTC harness he was able to get back on the gang line and he was much happier.

I then purchased one for Wylie who would sometimes run sideways (like a little crab) and the CTC harness helped straightened him out and he was able to finish his sledding career running straight.

When we lost Rocket, Kwick inherited his CTC harness and that was a big harness to fill but Kwick rose to the challenge and has become a sled dog superstar.

Each of the girls also has a CTC harness and they've raced many miles in them.

Once we get over the Covid pandemic, Sassy will be sporting her neon green CTC harness on her Therapy Dog visits.

It also comes in handy when you have a dog with upcoming surgery, like our friend Murphy (black and white boy). He can't wear a regular collar due to an injury on his neck, so out comes the CTC harness and he can still join in on the daily walk.

I love how easy the CTC harnesses are to put on and that they can be adjusted to fit each dog perfectly.. and the variety of colors is awesome.

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