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Introducing CTC Dog Gear Ambassadors - 4 of 14

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Dog : Shade Human: Tracy Snow-Cormier

Breed: Australian Shepherd Ambassador Level : Explorer

My name is Tracy Snow-Cormier and I had searched for years and years for a harness that passed what I thought a harness should be and do!

I FINALLY found it in the CTC shoulder harness!

My, Aussie, Shade and I, hike & snow shoe in the winter, many miles together and I don't use any other equipment besides CTC.

I only have one dog but she has 4 harnesses in various colors, four standard & custom length bungee lines, 2 hip belts, 2 custom leashes, 2 quick heels and belt bag as well.

To say I'm addicted now to CTC gear is an understatement!

I love that the bungee lines and the harnesses can get wet and dry out very quickly.

When we train 'out and about' I use a custom training leash that Natalie made for me for heel work.

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