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Introducing CTC Dog Gear Ambassadors : 2 of 14

Dogs: Cami, Quest, Icey, Snowy & Dragon (the newbie) - Siberian Huskies

Human : Lynn McGlashan

Ambassador Level : Explorers

We have a lot of fun doing a number of dog sports all year round from agility, lure, sprint & hiking in the spring/summer to bikejor, scootering, snowshoeing & dog sledding in the fall/winter :)

When my guys are doing activities that do not require harnesses, like agility, we still use them to get to & from those activities.

I try to take my dogs almost everywhere I go & the CTC shoulder harnesses make it so much easier to do this.

They are awesome, well built harnesses & I really love the reflective tape, great for evening walks & runs & the dogs seem so comfortable in them.

I have eight oxford harnesses but only 5 dogs...maybe I need a few more dogs.

Lynn & 20 Furry Paws. Cami, Snowy, Icey, Quest & Dragon

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