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Ambassadors-in-Training...the AWESOMENESS of a puppy taking his surroundings in and learning...


The inquisitiveness of puppies is well known; they are willing to go where danger may lurk as they begin to investigate their world. I have been teaching Milo, almost five months old now, to place his front paws up on a variety of objects. It is the foundation of creating a boundary cue that could come in handy for any number of things in the future. Examples include safety, easily checking out an area on his body, or helping him to pose for photos!

We have been practicing this at home and during our outings. This means he has become quite good at it and will often offer it when a fine opportunity arises.

Which it did this morning.

I was looking at a beautiful old tree stump that had become a new home to many mosses, lichens and plants.

Ever so quietly the first paw appears, then the second and then a wee pup realizing he has achieved a new perspective on his surroundings.

Side by side we took it all in.

Tracy & Milo's Amazing Journey

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