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CTC Dog Gear Day Hiker

CTC Dog Gear Day Hiker


Day Hiker pack for medium/large breed dogs (35 - 90 Lbs)

Our recently revamped design for the CTC Dog Gear Day Hiker pack means it now attaches directly onto the CTC Dog Gear Shoulder Harness at 5 points - which gives your dog the comfort of a hiking pack that does NOT slide uncomfortably.
No cumbersome and choking straps across the front of your dog's chest...!
The unique scapula attachment, as well as the 4 points of securing the hiking pack to the dog's harness is CTC Dog Gear's answer to increased comfort for your dog/s.
The two storage bags will easily hold a bottle of water, lead, collapsible water bowl and anything else your dog would need on a DAY HIKE.  

Our Day Hiker pack is for short, day hikes and is designed for that purpose.

Colors: Black
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