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2017 Team USA in the IFSS Snow World Champs

2015 IFSS Pre-Selected Athlete for Dryland World Champs-Team USA

2014 Bristol Dryland - Winner 4-dog class

2013/14 IFSS 4-dog cart Northern American Champion

2013/14 - Ranked # 3 in IFSS Worldwide

2013 Bristol Dryland - Winner 4-dog class

2013 Prescott Russell - Winner 4-dog class

2012 FairHill - Winner 4-dog class

Musher/Team Trainer - CTC cart designer/builder

Andre van der Merwe on a CTC Spider Racing Cart

Customer Reviews

My husband Bruce and I both have your hip belts with the 6' leash on it which was one of the best products we have ever bought.We chose the 6' because you can hook it onto the O ring on the hip belt and give them 6' of leash or you can pass the clip through the O ring and hook it onto where the leash divides at the end and then it is a 3' leash. We tend to bring the boys closer to us when we are walking them through crowds and then make the leash longer once we are in an open area. We love the idea of the bungee in the middle of the leash because it gives us a chance to stop our boys from lunging forward and jerking us forward due to the fact that the bungee will expand the leash and give us an opportunity to pull them back. The fact that the hip belt is cushioned is great because it cushions our backs and keeps the strain off of it (it's sort of like wearing a back brace). My most favorite thing though is that we can both walk all 4 boys by ourselves and be hands free while doing it. I can only walk all 4 of my boys by myself while wearing the hip belt. I have recommended it to so many people and they are all so happy that they made the right choice and bought one. 

We also have 2 of your shoulder harnesses for our 2 youngest who mush. I love that they are custom made to fit my boys specific measurements, fleece lined so they are comfortable for the boys to wear and most important extremely easy to put on them and take off of them. Best part is all of your products are extremely reasonably priced. My husband and I will continue to recommend your products to everyone we know and meet.

Jodi Ekberg

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